Mid Century Rose formerly Red Rose Vintage Fairs  

Vintage Fashion Sales & Vintage Fairs in East Sussex and purveyor of 1940s and 50s style wedge shoes: STORKETTES 

Stage running times                                                                                                  Emma's Sewing Price list and Schedule  


11.20 11.35 Memphis flyers

12.00 12.20 GYPSY dance display of the lindy hop dance and taster class

12.45. 1.00 Memphis flyers

1.20 1.30 GYPSY Jazz tap dance display and taster class 

1.50 2.10 Gypsy DJ SET Ska 60s stuff 

2.30 - 2.45 Memphis flyers

3.05 3 .25 GYPSY Balboa Dance Display and taster class 

3.45 4.05 GYPSY Collegiate Shag Dance display and taster class 

Emma Josephine McGraph

is our sewing lady: she is providing sewing talks and drop in -off repair alternation service , advice and demonstrations.

This is her schedule :

11.40-12.00 All Zipped UP A talk about zips ! problems methods vintage or Modern?

different sorts of zips and which to use.

1.30 1.50 Demonstration of zip replacement in a vintage dress

Other times until 4pm ; drop in help and advice, Q& A sessions

Are you having problems putting that zipper in ?? Don't worry bring it along and join the demonstration groups all questions answered.

Feel free to bring along any items of sewing you are having problems with and Emma will aim to assist with a Question and answer session. She will also be providing a drop in repair service for any repairs or requests you may have, if she hasn’t got time to complete on the day she will return it to you.

This is her price list:

Ladies and Gents Trousers £ 12.50

Skirts and dresses lined and unlined £ 14.25

New zips trousers £11.50

New zip jeans £12.50

Invisable zips £12.50

Invisable zips dresses £17.00

Cushion covers £11.00-15.00

Curtainign shortening £15 per1.4m width

Coats ( zip ) £18.50 +zip

Shortening jeans £9.50

Shortening Shirts £14.50